Prostate Health Support, 90 Capsules

Prostate Supplement for Men – Pygeum and Saw Palmetto for Hair Loss - Frequent Urination Remedies - Beta Sitosterol and Stinging Nettle Root - Natural DHT Blocker for Men - Vitamin E and Selenium

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  • BETA-SITOSTEROL – Super DHT Blocker – the BAD Testosterone which leads to baldness and triggers prostate cell growth
  • SAW PALMETTO BERRIES – contain Plant Sterols which also prevent the mechanism that leads to the production of DHT
  • ZINC – A healthy prostate gland contains around 7 times more zinc than an enlarged, inflamed or cancerous prostate
  • COMPLEMENTARY eBOOK – The Mens Guide to Prostate Support, including Diet & Exercise Tips for a Healthy Prostate
  • OUR GUARANTEE – Unconditional lifetime guarantee for ALL Sigmaceutical FDA-approved & GMP-compliant Supplements