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In this episode I am joined by Kathe Kline host of the popular Rock Your Retirement podcast. Kathe got into podcasting in March 2015 to help get her message out that retirement is not just about money. It’s also about how you approach retirement and your attitude!

The Rock Your Retirement podcast is about lifestyle – travel, health, sex, volunteering and family – in order to help people achieve a better retirement.

In her podcast Kathe talks about the importance of creating in-person support groups, why her father is her retirement role model, a woman with Parkinson’s who embodies the importance of attitude, why we don’t need so much stuff and much more.


Kathe refers herself as a reformed financial advisor. She lives in San Diego with her husband, dog and pink cockatoo.

To thank RJ listeners, Kathe is making available at no cost Secrets About Retirement That Your Broker Won’t Tell You. To get your copy, click on rockyourretirement.com/retirementjourneys.

To get a summary of Kathe’s podcast, including links and references, go to the session notes.

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