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well said Kate. I hate the direction the responses to the Crossfit post went. As a mom of 3 CWD I get why parent’s first reaction is to defend type 1 and it took me more than two years from the time my first child was diagnosed to understand that the differences dont matter. Honestly it is because of the DOC, you, and many of whom I love dearly who have T2 that I know what I know about all diabetes and work hard to be an advocate for all. While I was so disappointed in how so many were quick to say NOT TYPE 1 I am so proud and pleased that so many people with T2 have stood up and said NOT ANY. I know sometimes it seems like things people with T2 or LADA say go unheard in a community of overweening T1s but know this – I have heard. I have learned. I changed. You all did that. Like I said to another dear friend recently when he became discouraged regarding how T2 is viewed and shared – remember the starfish story. The boy couldn’t say all the starfish but to those he tossed back to the sea he made a huge difference – I was thrown back to sea and I am a better person for it. Thank you all for that.

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