LASIK Gets Irish Eyes Smiling

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Another St. Patrick’s Day is almost upon us, and there’s a good chance you may hear that classic tune, When Irish Eyes are Smiling, at some point during the day. Seeing our friends and family with happy eyes, full of laughter and mirth, is part of why we celebrate this day. And LASIK can get those eyes smiling, whether you’ve got any Irish blood in you or not.

If you’re worried about the surgery itself, and its effects on your eyes (Irish or otherwise), don’t be. LASIK is a painless procedure, and it only takes about 15 minutes per eye. You’ll have numbing drops applied before the surgery, and you won’t feel a thing. Also, contrary to a popular myth, you don’t have to keep your eyes locked in place the entire time, and you don’t have to keep yourself from blinking.

If you’re thinking that you can’t possibly get LASIK now—how will you be ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day—then you can also rest easy. You will need someone to drive you home after the surgery, but most people go back to their normal routine the next day!

So go home, put your feet up and take a nap. Many people report that they wake up feeling great and seeing perfectly. You’ll be ready to take in a St. Patrick’s Day parade or two, and then hit the pub for a pint of Guinness afterwards.

And while that part of your lifestyle might not be changing, LASIK can provide significant changes in other areas.

For one thing, not having to wear corrective lenses is a big deal for many people who have wanted to try out different sports or activities, but felt that worries about their glasses or contacts were holding them back.

That’s not to mention that LASIK can also correct for problems like nearsightedness and astigmatism during the procedure. If you are nearsighted, you know just how annoying reading glasses can be, but unless you feel like holding every book at arm’s length, there’s not much you can do about it.

But with LASIK, you’ll be able to ditch the glasses, easily read a book on Irish history, and then play a little 3v3 soccer with some buddies afterward. No hassle, no worries.

And remember, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been covering those Irish eyes with corrective lenses. You could be 25 or 75—you don’t outgrow your opportunity for getting LASIK. Whether you’re young at heart or an old soul, LASIK will have you seeing and experiencing St. Patty’s Day like never before.

And whether you’ve been to Ireland a hundred times, or are still planning that first trip, wouldn’t you want to be able to see perfectly when you visit a country known as the Emerald Isle? Sounds to us like a great reason to get LASIK.

So don’t hide those Irish eyes behind glasses, or redden them with contacts, get LASIK and show the world what smiling eyes really look like. Call us today to schedule a consultation and see whether LASIK is a good fit for you.

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