How to Combat a Sweet Tooth

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We all have them, some are just better at managing them than others. That’s right, we’re talking about your sweet tooth. The thing that encourages your late cravings for a sugary treat or an early morning urge to indulge in a warm pastry. Trust me, we understand because we have one too. The key is learning how to control your sweet tooth instead of letting your sweet tooth control you.

The first step towards combating your sweet tooth is finding what treat makes your cravings go crazy. For us, it’s anything with sprinkles. Whether that be cake, cookies or anything in between. We don’t want to have to cut out these sweet treats altogether, but we do want to eat them in moderation.

Too many sweets can send anyone’s blood sugar through the roof. Fortunately we have some simple tips to help you keep your craving and your blood sugar in check.

If your sweet tooth is an overpowering force that cannot be ignored, try substituting ingredients with healthy alternatives. For example, try substituting quinoa for oatmeal, almond flour for wheat flour and unsweetened applesauce for sugar! This way you still get to snack on your favorite sweet treat, but without the guilt!sweets blog

Another tip for keeping your sweet tooth at bay is to allow yourself one sweet treat a week. This will challenge you to find new healthy snacks, while still allowing for that sweet dessert fix! Who knows, maybe you will find a new healthy snack that you love, leaving those other sugar laden treats in the past!

If you want to learn how to make some healthy dessert recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth, check out our Dessert You Don’t Have to Feel Guilty About blog post! 

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