Oh hi there DOC.

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Well hey there, DOC. How have you been? It’s not that I haven’t been here. I have. I’ve been on Twitter, reading other diabetes blogs, and working at my full-time day job in the diabetes world. But I haven’t been here on this blog. Why? Well, as you can see by scrolling down a few lines, I had a baby. And because that’s something I wanted for a very long time, I chose to take a break from all distractions (well, except that one thing called work…which APPARENTLY you have to go to if you want to pay the mortgage) to focus on learning to be a mom. And what a time it has been!

All the clichés are true: I love him more than I thought was humanly possible. My love for him makes me want to explode sometimes because I feel like it is more than I can fit in my heart. I don’t like to be away from him, but I know he is having a blast at daycare with all his little friends when my husband and I are at work. Every minute of the past 18 months has been an exercise in humility, strength, love, adventure, and unbelievable happiness. How did I get so lucky? I wonder this every time I hear his goofy little giggles, when he runs to my arms at the end of daycare, and when I lift him out of the crib during a bad dream at night. Its like my heart is now contained in this 30-pound little person and I see it running around my kitchen, pulling the dog’s tail every day. It is my favorite thing ever.

Diabetes is still here. Learning how to juggle T1 with a baby was a balancing act. The lows that came constantly through the night when he was nursing as an infant were exhausting. Now he’s old enough to imitate my CGM beep when he hears it, which I have mixed feelings about. I allowed myself a year of more relaxed control when he was born – I should have at least the amount of time I spent prepping for being pregnant + the pregnancy to be more lax! Now in the past six months, I’ve focused back in on diabetes and tightened things up again in a manageable way. It’s been one of those things that was an evolution, not an ah-ha moment. I keep bibs and binkys AND glucose tablets everywhere now, even in the diaper bag because I learned quickly how much we take having two free hands for granted. One great thing about having a child is that I feel like having diabetes has become less of my personal identity than ever before, and I mean that in a good way.

So now, 18 months later, I’m thinking about diabetes a little more, and feeling like it might be time to come back to this space. A lot has changed in diabetes since I last blogged! The AP projects, mobile CGM platforms, and more choices than ever with how to manage your diabetes. I’ll be interested to see what 2017 offers all of us in the diabetes world. So hi again DOC. Nice to see you.

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