A Needle in a Haystack

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“Notions” is a word you don’t hear much any more. It used to refer to the items in an aisle in five and ten-cent stores like Woolworth's. The notions department consisted of shelf after shelf of safety pins and straight pins, variously-sized needles, spools of thread of every imaginable color and buttons galore.

The other day, when I realized I didn’t have the right-size of needle to use with extra-strong thread, I mentioned to a friend that I missed Woolworth's notions departments.  She told me that a fabric store in her neighborhood has such a department.

Last Thursday, I decided to check it out.  It was a gorgeous un-wintery day with bright sun and temperature in the 70’s so I parked a few blocks away from Fabricplace.  My spirits were high as I wandered into the basement- level store.  And there, against the back wall was a notions department just like we had in the olden days.  It had an endless variety of needles.

Of course, what should cost 39 cents now costs $2.99 + tax. The salesperson chuckled when I told her that. Then, when I went to checkout, I spied a sign that said “Senior Citizens Day Thursdays—10% off non-sale items”.

It was Thursday.  Even better, the salesclerk asked me for my ID to prove that I qualified for the discount because you had to be 62 years old.

I grinned all the way home.


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