#90 Dr. Kent Holtorf On Current Healthcare System And Peptides

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Hey, Thyroid Nation (Thrivers, Warriors and Survivors),

In Episode #90, we talk with special guest, Dr. Kent Holtorf, founder of www.HoltorfMed.com. He returns with information regarding the current state of our healthcare system in the United States, as well as all the health conditions associated with low thyroid.

We discuss:

Low Thyroid
Mental Health

In Brief:

Peptides as a broad spectrum immune modulator (16:00)
TH1 and Th2 imbalance (in a perfect world, they are balanced) (16:10)
Hashimoto’s and Graves’ are chronic infections that set off autoimmunity 90% of the time (18:34)
Ways to boost the immune system, e.g. eating differently, getting rid of triggers (19:25)
How to broach the subject of peptides with your own physician (20:35)
Lyme disease linked to the thyroid (26:00)
What peptides can do, and how they are more specific than hormones (30:00)
The thyroid is linked to so many health problems (depression, infertility, etc.), yet hardly ever looked at. Check thyroid before getting pregnant, as thyroid hormones affect baby (39:00)
The problems with T4-only treatment (44:00)
Open-minded doctors are helpful (50:00)


Dr. Brighten
Things to check before trying to conceive: BabyCenter.com

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Questions or anything to add about healthcare and the potential use of peptides to help heal? We want your thoughts, please. You might just help someone else in need.

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