How do you keep track of all your projects?

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One blogger’s approach to time management.


One of the central tasks that we must perform as scientists – especially as we progress in our careers – is project management. To that end, I’ll admit that I find myself a bit overwhelmed with my projects lately. I have many different things I’m working on with many different people, and every week I seem to lose track of one or another. So I’m looking for a better method! It seems to me that the optimal method to keep track of projects would have the following characteristics:

Ping me every week about any project that I have not touched
Re-assess each project every week, both in terms of what I need to do and the priority for the project as a whole
Split the projects into subtypes: data gathering, analysis, tool building, writing (etc).
Be clear in my weekly/monthly/longer-term goals. Review these every week
Some kind of social pressure…

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