5 Common Causes Behind Those Annoying Eye Twitches

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There aren’t many more annoying things than a stubborn eye twitch.  The good news is that most causes of eye twitches can be corrected or avoided and most twitching can be eliminated with simple changes to lifestyle and environment.

Twitches that happen only occasional are usually very short in duration and may last a few minutes at most. However, in some situations, eye twitching can become chronic and very disruptive. We’d like to note up front that any eye twitching which is irritating to the eye or causes any type of distress should be reviewed by a doctor or ophthalmologist to rule out any serious medical 


Are you annoyed by stubborn eye twitches?  See if one of the causes below may be causing your eyes to go a bit haywire: 
1. Fatigue
Late nights at work, insomnia, long hours on the computer or in the library, or simply being awake for long periods of time can all lead to eye twitching. Often, general fatigue is associated with eye strain, dry eye and even sensitivity to light, all which can lead to eye twitching.  
2. High Levels of Stress
Eye Twitch

The more stress we are under, the more likely it is that our nervous system will react by becoming hypersensitive to stimuli. This can include eye twitching as well as facial tics and random muscle contractions. Relaxation and stress reduction techniques may be useful in reducing overall stress levels.
3. High Levels of Caffeine Consumption
Drinking a lot of coffee, caffeinated teas, sodas and chocolate can boost your daily caffeine intake. However other sources of caffeine may be less obvious. Those include pain relievers, energy drinks and many types of diet and weight loss products. Reducing the amount of caffeine consumed from all sources on a daily basis can help with overall stress reduction as well as help to eliminate that jittery feeling.
4. Vision Problems
If you have untreated vision problems, including nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) or presbyopia (age related close focus problems), your eyes may be working much harder than necessary, leading to the development of twitches. Vision problems can typically be corrected with glasses, contacts or surgical procedures and, once they are addressed, the twitching often ceases to be a problem.
5. Dry Eyes
Dry eyes can be a chronic condition or it can be a result of being in a dry or windy environment. It can also happen if you are focusing without blinking on a specific object, such as a computer screen, for long periods of time. Age as well as medications can also contribute to dry eyes and, in most cases, treatment is available to correct the problem.
Eye Twitching Relief
With a wide variety of different possible causes for eye twitches it is important to talk to your optometrist or ophthalmologist to determine the cause of the muscle spasm. The good news is that most eye twitching can be easily treated with simple diet and lifestyle changes that will not only help your eyes but your overall mental and physical health as well. 

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