Feb 25, British Constitution Solitaire – Free Online Brain Game

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british constitution solitaireBritish Constitution Solitaire has been added as the latest free online brain game on Memory-Improvement-Tips.com.

Like with patience solitaire, in this game you need to build up the foundation piles to win the game. But there’s also a little story here.

Your job is to promote the citizen cards from the bottom row, up to the privy council row, and up into the government (the foundation row).

If you are a card solitaire fan looking for something a bit different, I think you’ll enjoy this clever twist.

Card games like British Constitution solitaire train important brain skills including concentration, memory, and logical reasoning skills.

Like all the brain games on my site, this online game is free to play anytime. No logging in, no registering. Just go to the game page and start playing.

Click the link below to visit the new game page, and give this game a try.

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