New Year, New Glasses: How to Keep Them Picture Perfect Through 2017

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We might not want to admit it, but many of us are guilty of it—waiting until the last minute to utilize our vision benefit. If this describes you (hey no shame, at least you did it), chances are you just got a brand new pair of glasses to rock for 2017. Keep your glasses in tip top shape all year long with the following do’s and don’ts of eyeglass care. Because let’s face it, eyeglasses are an investment and you want them to go the distance in the same way they help you see into the distance.

DO get your lenses wet before cleaning your glasses.

While your lenses may have a protective coating on them, they’re scratch-resistant to a degree. By wiping dry, surface debris or dust can cause unwanted scratching. Instead opt for water or spray eyeglass cleaners. Liquids act as a lubricant to help reduce friction and decrease the risk of scratching.

DON’T use harsh cleaners.

Sorry, but window cleaner isn’t going to give you a streak-free shine on your lenses. Put the bleach, vinegar, and whatever DIY miracle-cure you’ve concocted down. Keep it simple with some warm water and a drop of dish detergent.

DO be gentle.

It’s not a wine stain on your carpet, so no need to put that elbow grease into it. Gently wipe away smudges with a microfiber cleaning cloth. If you’re thinking about reaching for the corner of your shirt, don’t! Certain types of clothing fabrics, napkins, and paper towels can be tough on your lenses.

DON’T keep your glasses near the sink or vanity.

The accidental and inevitable spatter from the water and cosmetics can damage your lens.

DO carry a case.

If they’re not on your face, they should be in the case! While it sounds like common sense, many people still throw their unprotected glasses into their pocket, purse, or backpack.

DON’T spit-shine.

Eww! Do I really have to explain why? 1 ml. of saliva contains about 100 million microbes — why would you want that anywhere near your face? Saliva might seem like an inexpensive and handy cleaning solution but it can contain oils and other harmful particles that can cause damage.

Remember, visit your nearest VSP eye doctor for any needed repairs and adjustments.

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