10 Ways to Spot Someone with Type 1

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Sure, it’s easy to spot someone with Type 1 diabetes if you catch them bolusing before a meal. That kind of Type 1 identification is for amateurs! At Insulin Nation, we have developed a unrealistic and impractical unique guide of lesser-known ways to identify people with Type 1 in crowd.

You might have found someone with Type 1 if….

1) You shake hands and can feel fingerprint calluses.

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2) They describe a good night’s sleep as more than three hours, uninterrupted.

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3) You ask them their favorite number and they quickly say, “100.”

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4) They post detailed reviews of juice box brands.

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5) They critique a nurse’s injection technique during a blood draw.

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6) They don’t know that fridges have trays for butter.

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7) They unconsciously sneer at sugar-free products in the supermarket.

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8) They are fascinated by pockets in new pouches or purses.

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9) They like to collect old laundry detergent bottles.

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10) They defend Jay Cutler’s football career.

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Do you have other ways to pick out someone with Type 1 in a crowd? Send them to cidlebrook@epscomm.com.

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