Wanted: Teen Athletes with Diabetes (Girls and Boys) Team Novo Nordisk Camps

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From their release:Team Novo Nordisk Seeks Young Athletes with Type 1 DiabetesTuesday, June 14, 2016 — ATLANTA, Ga. – Team Novo Nordisk, a global team of athletes with diabetes, spearheaded by the world’s first all-diabetes professional cycling team, kicks off the first of two talent identification camps today in Athens, Ga. The talent identification camps serve as a key recruiting tool for Team Novo Nordisk to develop athletes for the men’s professional squad and help fulfill the team’s ultimate goal of racing in the Tour de France by 2021. Currently, 48 young athletes with type 1 diabetes from 18 different countries are slated to attend. Applications are open for a limited amount of remaining spots at the second camp, which begins July 12, at www.teamnovonordisk.com.
More: https://team-novo-nordisk-us.prezly.com/team-novo-nordisk-seeks-young-athletes-with-type-1-diabetes

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