The media is so afraid of my friend’s new health book, they blacklisted it. (A Mind Of Your Own)

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Have you ever felt like all the medications you’re taking have a hold on you….or that they are part of the problem with all the symptoms you’re having?

Kelly Brogan - Depression in WomenMost of us go to a doctor’s office only to sit and wait endlessly for an appointment that only lasts 5-15 minutes. In that time, the doctor quickly assesses your symptoms and writes a prescription for one or more pills to “help” you feel better. 

And while sometimes, you may feel some relief, long-term, your condition doesn’t improve and symptoms worsen.

Something I’ve touched on lightly in these coaching emails, but that I want to give more attention to today, is the stronghold that pharmaceutical companies and the conventional medical system has on our lives…and the importance of having a mind of our own when it comes to our health.

When it comes to healing (and life in general!), I like to focus on SOLUTIONS, not problems….but this is a problem that needs our attention.

The pharmaceutical industry is BIG business. BIG. So big that it has loads of power over the media and the type of information that gets into your hands.

The great news is that people like you are taking your health back into your own hands and seeking out the real research that’s not backed and paid-for by the pharmaceutical companies.

And the more we all learn, the more we’ve all come to understand that the pharmaceutical companies are out for themselves; not our wellbeing.

Read A Mind Of Your Own ESPECIALLY because Big Pharma wants to make sure you don’t. And that means…
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Although, doctors are still being convinced to offer pills instead of true healing strategies – just putting a band-aid on all our symptoms instead of treating the root cause – we know better.

Well, this is where my friend, Dr. Kelly Brogan comes in.

Kelly Brogan 1When Dr. Brogan was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, something inside her told her that the medication-only approach, especially when it came to depression, was not the way to go.

Although, this MIT & Cornell-trained psychiatrist used to prescribe medications all day long, as she began to do more scientific research, her eyes were opened to the real results of the research out there.  While we were all being told these pills would heal us; the research was showing otherwise.

So, Dr. Brogan decided to write a book about it – A Mind Of Your Own: The Truth about Depression and How Women Can Heal Their Bodies to Reclaim Their Lives.  And the information that’s in this book is SOOO DANGEROUS to the pharmaceutical companies, they’ve put pressure on the mainstream media outlets to ban its promotion.

That’s right – it’s been blacklisted.

And, that’s why I HAD to read it. I mean, what’s inside the pages that is causing a panic for Big Pharma??? I had to know.

Well my friend, there’s a lot.

Approved!In this book, Dr. Brogan discusses:

depression & healing
the real scientific research and how it gets covered up
the real causes of disease
and the treatments that get REAL results

In it, she also provides a 30-day Action Plan for Healing Depression.

It’s a pretty astounding book – and it would have been amazing to have when I was dealing with Hashimoto’s induced depression. 

If you haven’t been able to shake depression, this may just be the answer you’ve been searching for.

I’d highly recommend you check. it. out…ESPECIALLY because Big Pharma wants to make sure you don’t read it.

And that means we must. 🙂

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