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What Women Told Us: Part 2

Yesterday we shared the data (70% of women don’t have anyone to talk to about menopause, for example) that led to the birth of the Menopause Chicks private online community on Facebook. Today, we are are inviting YOU to shape the future of Menopause Chicks for 2017. Please take approximately three minutes to respond to this short survey.

Thank you & Happy New Year! xo SW


It’s New Year’s Eve and who doesn’t love a TOP 10 list to round out the year?! 🙂

Even though the Menopause Chicks private online community is only eight months old, MANY conversations have taken place this past year. More than 2,100 members (women in the perimenopause/menopause stage of life) have “cracked open the conversation” in order to get clarity and support for themselves–and in the process, helped others who had similar questions, or who were looking to have their own experiences validated.
Here is a snapshot of the TOP 10 conversations “cracked open” on Menopause Chicks from the past year:

Definitions: clarifying perimenopause, menopause & post-menopause
Weight management
Support for post-hysterectomy experiences, and other surgical procedures
Hormone therapies
How to talk to your doctor when you’re told “nothing can be done”
What hormone tests exist and which are best
Recruiting your own midlife health care team and finding recommendations for health professionals in your local area
The role of magnesium and other essential vitamins/supplements for midlife transition
Birth control: when is it safe
A full collection of commonly discussed experiences (hot flashes, sleep disruption, irregular/heavy bleeding, anxiety/depression) as well as less commonly discussed experiences (hair thinning, vaginal dryness/atrophy, restless legs, rage, breast tenderness.)

You are invited to help shape the future of Menopause Chicks!

Please complete this short survey (3-5 minutes). Your responses will determine the priority for content creation in 2017!
Please consider inviting your girlfriends to join the Menopause Chicks private online community.


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