The Best Time for LASIK Surgery

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For those with vision problems, LASIK seems like a no-brainer – like a dream come true. (And for those who have had LASIK surgery, it is!) However, there are many factors to consider before choosing LASIK, as this surgery is not the right option for everyone. To understand when the best time for LASIK is, there are certain factors we must take into account.
Does Age Matter?
When is comes to LASIK surgery, age does matter. Good LASIK surgeons will not perform the surgery on any patient under the age of 18. In addition to this minimum age, some doctors will have patients wait a couple more years. LASIK surgeons recommend this because, for some people, the eye is not finished maturing, and there are still changes that some go through around this age. We require that all of our LASIK patients have a stable prescription for at least a year before undergoing LASIK surgery. This indicated that the eye is finished changing and LASIK surgery can be safely and effectively performed.

As we approach middle age, our eyes start to change in different ways. Presbyopia, a very common condition which affects near vision, generally starts to develop around this age. LASIK does not correct presbyopia, so it may be better to consider different options at this age. Our experts eye surgeons in Wilkes-Barre will be able to provide you with safest vision correction options for you.
Does the Season Matter?
Some prospective LASIK patients are worried that the seasons may negatively affect their healing process post-LASIK. Fortunately, this is not a known factor in the healing process, and there is no evidence to suggest that climate makes a difference. However, those who are often affected by seasonal allergies may want to avoid the high-allergy months in the spring and fall.
Does a Big Event Matter?
Many patients opt to undergo LASIK surgery before a big event to make themselves look and feel their very best. Events like weddings, birthday celebrations and graduations are important and memorable moments that our patients want to remember fondly. Most do not want to worry about their eyeglasses creating glare in photos, or contact lenses causing red, watery eyes.

LASIK surgery can certainly ease the annoyance of these things during an important event. If you are considering LASIK before a big event, it is important that you leave yourself enough time for healing. Scheduling your LASIK procedure a few months before a big event gives you enough time to properly heal.
Eye Care Specialists are dedicated to providing the best service and outcomes to our patients – every time.

If you’re considering LASIK surgery and you have questions regarding the timing or anything else, call us today for a LASIK consultation! Eye Care Specialists in Scranton are here to make your LASIK experience easy and life-changing!

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