LASIK For Valentine’s Day

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Every year just as February starts, and possibly (hopefully) some time before, both men and women in relationships start to think about the upcoming holiday—Valentine’s Day. If your significant other hates the day, and thinks it’s commercialized, congratulations. You can escape without any elaborate celebration or gift. If not, like the rest of us, you may be puzzling over what you can give them this year.

Instead of chocolates, a fancy dinner, or flowers, try thinking outside the box, and give them something they can really enjoy. We’re talking, of course, about giving the gift of LASIK.

It may not initially sound too romantic, but hear us out. Giving your significant other LASIK for Valentine’s Day is actually one of the most romantic things you can do. Because you’re not just giving them a box of chocolates that will be gone in a week, or some jewelry that they’ll wear when you go out every now and then; you’re giving them a gift that they’ll use every day for the rest of their life. That’s commitment, right there.

Think about what happens when one or both of you is wearing glasses when you go in for a kiss? A whole lot of frames poking into your face, that’s what. Or do you really want your date showing up with red eyes because he forgot to take his contacts out? Glasses and contacts simply get in the way, and they’ll keep doing so until you decide that enough is enough.

Instead of jewelry, you’re giving a gift that helps her see that necklace perfectly when she looks in the mirror. Instead of a watch on his wrist, he’s getting the gift of being able to actually check the time when he glances at his timepiece.

That’s a gift that truly keeps on giving, both in quality of life and overall expense. Constantly buying new contacts, and getting new glasses every time her prescription changes can actually be much more expensive that LASIK over a lifetime. So not only will your date have a better quality of life, they’ll have more money to spend on your next Valentine’s Day gift. Sounds like a win-win to us.

At the end of dinner (because you’re still going to dinner. C’mon.), you’ll be able to look at your partner and tell them that you’ve gotten them a gift they’ll have with them for the rest of their life. It’s a gift that lets them see you, and the world around you, in perfect clarity.

Over 10 million people have elected to get LASIK, and tossed their glasses or contacts, so why not add one more person to the list? Give the gift of LASIK this Valentine’s Day, and you can be sure that the rest of the time you spend together will be as vibrant and beautiful as her eyes. Call today to find out more about giving the gift of LASIK this Valentine’s Day.


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