Our Patients’ Top Five Frequently Asked Questions!

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Our Patients’ Top Five Frequently Asked Questions!

Want to know what our patients have been asking us?
Here are the top five frequently asked questions we get at our practice!
FAQ #1: “How often do I need to visit the optometrist?”
For those of you who do not need glasses or contacts, we encourage you to get an eye exam every two years. If you require vision correction or are over 60, we recommend coming in on a yearly basis. Every patient is unique, however, and some patients may need to have more frequent checkups.

It’s important to remember that regular eye exams are crucial for both vision correction and your health! Prescriptions can change over the course of a year, even without you realizing it. What’s more, eye care professionals are often the first medical providers to identify chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. We want to help you see and feel your best, and good, healthy vision is a large part of that. So come in today!
FAQ #2: “Why can’t I sleep in my contacts?”
Those who sleep in their contacts are six to eight times more likely to get a serious type of corneal infection. Even those who use extended wear lenses have an increased risk of infection when they sleep in their contacts.

Because contact lenses rest directly on the eye, they decrease the amount of oxygen that reaches your eyes from the environment. When they are left on longer than recommended, or overnight, your eyes are deprived of much-needed oxygen, making you more prone to infection. Do your eyes a favor–give them a break at night!
FAQ #3: “What’s the difference between soft contact lenses and gas permeable (GP) lenses?”
While soft contact lenses are made of softer flexible plastics, gas permeable lenses are made of rigid plastics and can be used for up to a year or more. Gas permeable lenses may take a while to get used to but they have many advantages. No matter what you choose, we’re here to help you find the lenses that work for you and your lifestyle!
FAQ #4: “What does 20/20 vision mean?”
“20/20” is a fraction that describes visual acuity, or sharpness of vision. The top number in the fraction refers to the viewing distance between the patient and the eye chart–typically 20 feet. The bottom number in the fraction corresponds to a line on the chart. 20/20 vision isn’t “perfect” vision, but rather a measurement of what, on average, most people are able to read 20 feet away from the eye chart.
FAQ #5: “What are those cobwebs floating around in my field of vision?”
Floaters may look like tiny worms or cobwebs floating in the air in front of you, but they’re actually inside your eye! As we age, protein fibers in our eyes start clumping together. When light enters the eye, these clumped fibers cast a shadow on the retina, causing us to see floaters. Although bothersome, they’re usually no cause for concern!

Check out the video to learn more about those floaters!

We Love It When Our Patients Ask Questions!
We hope these questions and answers have been eye opening for you! The more educated you are about your eyes, the better you will feel about making decisions for your vision health. Have any more questions? Call us or come into our office!
Our patients are EYE-some!
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