THANK YOU + 2 Promises

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Thank you to those of you who have already completed this:

[If you haven’t had a chance yet, it takes less than 3 minutes! Just click the link and GO!]

Here’s a bit of a backstory:
When I first launched, I received an inquiry from a doctor…a US doctor no less. He wanted to contribute an article to the site–specifically on hot flashes and night sweats. I honestly felt like I had hit the big leagues. An American physician finding me online and offering to guest post on my site. Could it get any better?

Of course, I said yes, and waited for his article to arrive.

When his article did land in my in box a few days later, I quickly opened it…only to feel like I had received a giant punch to the stomach. Why?

Bullet point #1: Dress in layers.

Dress in layers???? 
Pardon my french, but WTF?

I deleted his email before reading the rest. Insulting doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt…for me…and for you…and for all the women who are navigating midlife, work, families and sleep while also experiencing hot flashes and night sweats. We are SMART, SAVVY women who care about being proactive with our own midlife health! Women deserve information about their midlife health that is AWESOME and free.

Are there seriously doctors out there who think we need the “dress the layers” wink-wink message? Who think women are so inept that we cannot figure out that one for ourselves? YES there are.

Is this the “quality” of “expert” information that will be part of the community? Absolutely NOT. Are all so-called “experts” experts? NO.

That’s when I realized that curating expert information was going to be harder than I originally thought. That’s also when I made a promise that I would be very selective about who I invite into this group. Only the best. Because we deserve only the best. That’s promise #1.

And the most important reality set in: it is up to women to be their own best health care advocates, to get informed and then choose the journey that’s right for them.

Promise #2: if you leave your email address at the end of the survey, I will be personally replying to each and every response (sometime in the month of January) because I appreciate that everyone’s journey is unique and your input to shaping the future of is VERY important.

Thanks….and happy second day of 2017!


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