Hello Heart selected by MIT and Harvard Physicians as one the best digital health products.

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Physicians from MIT and Harvard, two of the best universities in the world selected Hello Heart as one of the top digital health products for disease management.

The news was released in December in a report of the HMI of MIT. In the report, physicians from the MIT and Harvard Medical School evaluated the top digital health products available in the U.S. market. Solutions were judged using a framework of unbiased reviews and ranking of the best-in-class digital health products according to 4 parameters:

Essential tools and services to promote wellness, as well as prevent and manage common chronic conditions
Beautifully designed for patients/caregivers to configure and use regularly, easing the burden of journaling accurate data
Safe and trusted enough for doctors to comfortably recommend (prescribe)
Present and share data with your physicians that can enrich the dialogue, diagnosis and recommendations
Widely available tele-medicine services that can aid in common health complaints

After an extensive evaluation, the physicians released a list of the top digital health products and Hello Heart was ranked in the 1st place for disease management.

Hello Heart on the "Managing Disease" table in the MIT report

Hello Heart’s mission is to empower people to understand and improve their health by utilizing mobile technology. These results proves again Hello Heart is one of the most innovative companies for employers looking to improve their employees health.

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