A Perk Up.

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ExpectingI realize last week’s post was a bit down in the dumps on the whole pregnancy thing. There are many challenges to being pregnant with T1D, but I don’t want those negative feelings to ever overshadow the overwhelming joy and excitement that I have for this human patiently roosting in my belly. So I think it’s only fair to talk about some of the perks of being pregnant! Ladies and gentlemen, I present: The Top Awesome Things About being Pregnant.

I get discounts and free stuff for no reason. Seriously. I got a discount at FedEx out of the blue, immediately after being asked “when are you due?” Also got free snacks from my hotel in Anchorage the other night (don’t mess with the hungry pregnant lady I guess!?), and I even got hooked up at Starbucks the other day with a free drink. All this for no other reason than the bulging belly I’m sporting.
Nobody questions what I eat or when I eat it anymore. There used to be lots of questions about managing diabetes and certain foods but now everyone knows that I am working so freakin’ hard at keep my numbers perfect that they don’t question anything. You want the cheese plate but no crackers with pickled veggies and a side of asparagus? For dinner? Done.
No longer do I have to feel like I’m dying after a workout to consider it a good one. 20 minute walk? That’s a great Monday workout! If I do that and five minutes of light weights, I’m practically a Crossfit champion.
People understand that sleep is a priority for me right now. Sorry I’m not sorry that I fell asleep while watching the Real Housewives at your place at 3 in the afternoon. The baby needed it I’m sure. And you gave me a blanket, so thank you for that.
As soon as people see you coming, they hold open doors, offer to carry your groceries, and lift anything heavy for you. In fact, they practically assist, and I don’t stop them!
It is truly the one time in your life where you are forced to make your health and wellness the ultimate priority, and that feels pretty darn good. I have moved my health and the baby’s health to the top of my list, and that is a luxury these days! Everything from food choices to exercise to managing stress and work has been modified to help me be the healthiest I can be right now. I don’t think there’s ever been a time in my life where I’ve been able to say that and truly live it.
And of course, last but not least, my A1c of 5.6% makes me want to get a gilded trophy made in the shape of a pancreas and put it on my mantle surrounded by tiny fireworks and a small parade. Because wow.



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