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Which approach is right for you?

Depending on your need, motivation and situation – the most effective approach to is to work from STAGE 1 to 3 (from the toughest, but most likely to be effective, at the top of the list). All involve a low carbohydrate Mediterranean style eating plan, with a moderately higher fat intake.

BSD Fast 800:
An intensive 800cal, 8 week, Mediterranean Style Low Carb Diet. Aim for a 10%-20% weight loss or continue for up to 8weeks, depending on your original weight. This approach is a challenge and requires determination, but the benefits are a rapid response in terms of weight loss and improvement in blood sugars. This requires planning and focus for up to eight weeks.

The 5:2 BSD:

5 days of Med Style Low Carb Diet, not calorie counting, with 2 days fasting at 800calories.This is a low carb extension of the 5:2 Diet (combines the metabolic benefit of intermittent fasting, with the blood sugar lowering of the med-style low carb diet). This is more flexible and easier to fit with daily life, but is likely to take longer to reach your target weight and blood sugar.

BSD Low Carb Med Style:

For those who find fasting too much of a challenge for whatever reason or do not need to lose significant amounts of weight.

Choose your diet according to your lifestyle and needs. So if an 800cal diet is too much of a challenge, drop to the 5:2 BSD, which is more flexible and easier to fit into a busy life, and if fasting is not possible/suitable then move to the gentler BSD Way of Life.
BSD Way of Life
Once you have reached your goal, lost weight and improved your blood sugars, The Low Carb Med Style eating plan is an ideal approach for maintenance. And in order to remain diabetes free it is necessary to continue on a moderately low carb Mediterranean style diet indefinitely. If weight creeps back on, if appropriate, go back up the list again until you lose weight and reach your targets.

Some will choose to continue with intermittent fasting as in the 5:2 BSD, to maintain the benefits of the intermittent fasting, perhaps dropping to a 6:1 approach with one day fasting on 800 calories and six days on the Low Carb Med Style Plan.

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