3 Ways to Help Protect Your Eyes from the Summer Sun

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Summertime means warm weather, sunshine, and more time spent outside. We protect our skin with sunscreen but do you do for eye protection? The bright sunlight can increase the risk of developing cataracts or other dangerous eye problems. So whether you’re at an outdoor festival or laying poolside, here are a few precautions to take that can help keep your vision healthy.
One of the easiest ways to keep your eyes safe is through protection with sunglasses and hats. Sunglasses should be labeled ‘100% UV Protection’ and block both UV-A and UV-B rays. They should also be worn regardless of whether or not you wear UV block contact lenses. Wearing a broad brimmed hat in conjunction with sunglasses will allow for maximum sun protection.
Stay Healthy And Active
Staying healthy can help in more ways than one. Exercise increases circulation, which can lower pressure in the eyes and eating healthy contributes to an overall better well being. Summertime offers the opportunity to be more active outdoors so taking time to participate in summer sports or even just going for a walk. There are also an abundance of fresh fruits and veggies that can improve your health and can be found in your local grocery store or farmers markets.
Avoid Peak Times In Sun
The sunlight is the strongest mid-day to the early afternoon. It’s best to avoid being in the sun for too long at these times, however if you cannot, you should be sure to try and wear sunglasses and a hat to help protect your eyes. Also, know that clouds don’t block UV light so even if it is a cloudy day you are still at risk from the sun’s rays.

By taking these small steps to protect your eyes you and your family can enjoy the summer months safely. Remember to keep up on regular eye exams and if you do notice irritation from being in the sun too long see a professional as soon as possible. Also don’t forget to check out our blog for insightful articles on how to best care for your eyes.

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