June – Men’s Health Month

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Did you know June is National Men’s Health Month? And this is Men’s Health Week which means it’s time for the wearing of the blue this pre-Father’s Day Friday, June 17th.

Sporting blue means you’re showing support for the Wear BLUE® awareness campaign created by the Men’s Health Network (MHN) whose mission it is to remind men to stay healthy.

“Men’s Health Week is a great time for a man to give his family his own ‘Father’s Day’ gift, his good health,” said Ana Fadich, MHN Vice President. “It’s important that a man knows that his health and healthy habits are vital to a healthy family unit.”

Last January the White House hosted the Dialogue on Men’s Health, launching a crucial ongoing discussion about the health barriers preventing males from living long and healthy lives.

Exercise, nutrition, early screenings, and even humor were some of the diverse strategies discussed at the summit. “One researcher discovered humor as one of the most successful ways to reach working-age men struggling with mental health issues like depression and anxiety.”

Comprehensive eye exams can also help with early detection of  signs of  diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

While establishing new health priorities and an action plan were high on the list of takeaways, identifying ways to have a conversation with men about their health is the key to success. Raising awareness means carrying the message to where the male population lives, works, and plays, providing them with available tools, care access, and prevention information.The hope is that male life expectancy will be greatly enhanced. Now those are the kinds of expectations we can live with.

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