Q&A: What gear is good to carry my CGM receiver?

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Q & A: Do you have any suggestions for something that I could wear under my clothing that holds the Dexcom receiver, I am misplacing it often? 
We have a few great suggestions…!

NEWSBREAK: Casting a Person with Diabetes in the New York Area

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casting-callIf you have diabetes—type 1 or type 2 and are willing to share your story on why and how you lead a positive life….click the link below for more information and you may be chosen for the world to hear your story.

There is some pay involved as well….click the link below for more information and you need to be in the New York area.

Diabetes Casting


I am a DiabetesDad.
Please visit my Diabetes Dad FB Page and hit ‘like’.

This casting notice is being shared without full vetting process….makes sure you check out all details yourself before auditioning.

By: Cindy

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Hi Kriss,
Here is my question T3, T4 and THS are normal but antibodies are very High, Im Vegan how can I low naurally the antibodies level? Thank you.

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New Research on Pubic Hair Grooming and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI)

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Last week, a new study on the association between pubic hair grooming and sexually transmitted infections (STI) was published in the journal Sexual Transmitted Infections. Because I’ve published research related to pubic hair removal, several journalists contacted me to weigh in on the study and contextualize it for their publications, which I was happy to do. […]