Thyroid Disorders and Your Skin

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Having a thyroid disorder can wreak havoc on your skin.  I know this firsthand.  One of my first symptoms of hypothyroidism was dry, itchy skin.  Other skin issues that you can encounter include acne and swollen, puffy eyes.  Actress Victoria Justice revealed in recent interviews that the skin issues that came along with having Hashimoto’s caused her self-confidence to waiver: “I had the support of my family and friends. I knew that the people around me had my back. Now I really empathize with people who have issues with their skin, because it can get you down.”   I understand what she means.  A few years ago, I began having trouble with rosacea.  Rosacea can cause redness on your cheeks, nose, forehead and chin.  It can also cause rhinophyma or swelling of the bulb of your nose.  It can be quite devastating.  There is no cure for rosacea – only treatment.  It’s common for people with autoimmune disorders, like Sjogrens (which I have), to have additional skin issues like rosacea.  Some people with autoimmune thyroid disorders also have lupus.  Johns Hopkins estimates that about half of lupus patients end up having the “butterfly” rash (also known as the malar rash).  To add to all of these potential skin issues that you may have as a thyroid patient or autoimmune disorder sufferer, many people with thyroid disorders or thyroid cancer need to have their thyroid glands removed.  Thyroidectomy scars are another thing that I have heard from fellow thyroid sufferers that are difficult to deal with and can contribute to low self-confidence.  I watched my own husband struggle with how to best heal his thyroidectomy scar, all while trying to get back to normal on thyroid medication and regain his voice.

Why am I writing about all this right now?  It’s because I finally found something that works for me and for my skin problems and has worked for my family (who also struggle with thyroid disorders), and I want to share it with you.  In my search to find treatment for my rosacea that actually worked, I tried a Rodan+Fields regimen.   I had tried several things both prescription and over the counter and none had worked.  I had a bathroom counter full of items that did not make any difference in my rosacea.  When I tried Rodan+Fields Soothe Regimen, combined with their Reverse Regimen, I saw a difference within a month.  The redness faded and the swelling on my nose (rhinophyma) went down.  I was ecstatic and wanted to shout this from the mountain tops.  So that’s what I’m doing now.  I’m shouting this from the mountain top.

Here are my results after 4 weeks on the Soothe and Reverse Regimens:

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Here are another woman’s results using the Soothe Regimen on her lupus rash:


Here are the results that another woman experienced within 5 weeks of using the AMP MD Micro-Exfoliating Roller and REDEFINE Night Renewing Serum (she said her doctor thought she had been to a plastic surgeon – which we know isn’t an viable option for most people who have undergone a thyroidectomy because of cost):


I was so impressed by the effectiveness of these products on my skin issues and those of others that I became an Independent Consultant with Rodan+Fields.  When I saw these pictures of what these products were doing for my family and for others who suffered from skin issues because of thyroid and autoimmune disorders, I knew that this was a match made in heaven for me.  My blog is a labor of love, and I love helping others find answers and helping other parents of children with thyroid disorders not feel so alone.  I spend hours working on answering emails, messages and phone calls each week, and I’m happy to do so.  However, it’s not a way for me to sustain my family financially.  Getting involved with this company was a way for me to combine my desire to provide for my family with my passion for finding solutions for fellow thyroid patients, and still have the time to do my volunteer work.  As my loyal readers, I wanted you to know the “why” behind this most recent change for me because I’ve shared everything else with you along this long and winding road that has been my family’s journey with thyroid disorders.   When I find something that works, I want to share it with you.  So, wish me luck on my new adventure.  If you have questions about these products, please visit my other website  This website and my Thyroid Mom Facebook page will stay the same, though, and as always, I’m here to help you.


Blythe aka Thyroid Mom


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