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Our son Seth has produced and starred in about 150 videos for the Amigo Gringo channel on YouTube. Often viewed by half-a-million people, his videos are extremely popular in Brazil (they are in Portuguese with English sub-titles) and, while being helpful and informative, are also great fun. They are a guide to New York City, a guide to differences between Brazil and the U.S., and more. He writes them and stars in them with a professional cast. At the end of each episode, he gives a short lesson on the English language. People recognize him on the street in Brazil and sometimes in New York City where he lives.

So imagine our surprise and delight when he asked his parents to make a guest appearance on the channel. He posted a request on Facebook for questions he should ask his parents in an interview and received 152 suggested questions in just a couple of hours.

That’s how we found ourselves sitting on a sofa in his apartment while he taped a video interview with us. Peter and I had to introduce the video in Portuguese. We did our best (poorly) reading a phonetic text from an iPad. Of course, the interview, in English, will have Portuguese sub-titles.

Seth did not tell us the questions in advance, but they ranged from how his father and I met to how we felt about Brazilian food to what’s it’s like having a son who plays a character who is a complete clod on YouTube. (The word that is used to describe him in Portuguese in the videos has been censored for the 70-something audience.)

Peter and I laughed our way through the interview. Not sure how we’ll feel once it’s edited, but it was so much fun to be part of our son’s working of his magic.

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