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Several years ago I investigated the different targets suggested by three major respected US diabetes authorities. As a result I wrote this: Blood Glucose Targets. My 2006 summary included this comparison table:

Over the years those have changed very little. The 2015 comparison noting significant changes in bold is:

Sources: ADA, Joslin, AACE.
The ADA and Joslin now agree on the looser 2hr post-prandial target of 180(10) and both have also lowered the threshold for fasting. The AACE guidelines are unchanged. If you read the details on the linked pages all add caveats concerning relaxation of targets in case of other medical conditions, age etc.
Thirteen years after diagnosis, thankfully still free of complications, I see no reason to significantly change my closing remarks originally written nearly ten years ago.
The AACE advise much tighter post-prandial targets. I doubt that anyone would consider the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, a professional community of several thousand physicians specializing in endocrinology, diabetes, and metabolism as a bunch of fanatical radicals. Nor would they be promulgating guidelines impossible to be attained by the majority.

Unfortunately, nobody but pro-active type 2 diabetics talks much about 1hr PP targets. My personal logic is that I treat their 2hr as my recommended max peak for any post-prandial, as I discussed in When To Test? Those AACE guidelines then agree very closely with Jennifer’s Test, Test, Test advice.Make your own judgment on which of those guidelines you think will lead to fewer complications.
Sadly, it appears that only 1/3 of senior diabetics are achieving even the loose ADA targets, but that is a discussion for another topic.
Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia.
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