Is it Love? The Answer is in the Eyes

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It’s the scene from every fairytale-like movie that makes you believe in romance – he looks deep into her eyes and they stare at each other for what seems like eternity. No words are exchanged and yet, they know in their hearts, they’re in love!

The scenario sounds like something that could only happen in the make-believe world of Hollywood films, but the idea that you could look into someone’s eyes and knowing if they love you is actually not so far-fetched!

Your pupils CAN reveal when you’re in love… or at least in lust. According to research, when you’re attracted to someone your pupils tend to dilate. Researchers found that when subjects viewed facial images of their partner (versus a friend or less familiar person), levels of dopamine increased in the brain, which causes pupil dilation.

In addition, constant eye contact between two people can help create passion. In one study, couples who looked into each other’s eyes reported significantly higher feelings of affection, passionate love, and liking for their partner.

So this Valentine’s Day, remember to say “eye love you.” But lovers beware, chances are you will go wide-eyed when looking at anything aesthetically pleasing. So yes, that pizza you’ve been staring at—may just as well be love at first sight too.

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