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5NumberFiveInCircleHope everyone is enjoyed their short week! It was pretty busy now that I am back in school (my fourth semester), so I thought I would do a little update bullet point style.

As I just mentioned, I have started my fourth semester in grad school (in case you are new, I’m getting my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy). My classes this semester all have insanely long titles: Ethical Issues and Professional Practices in Marriage and Family Therapy, Advanced Application of Relational Theory, Assessment of Children, Couples and Family, and Therapy with Couples and Intimate Partners. I’m also taking two one-credit classes, Professional Issues and Orientation (I transferred between the Counseling & Psych program and the MFT program, so I’m a little late taking this) and Special Topics: Medical Family Therapy.
Medical Family Therapy is, as you can probably guess, what I’m really interested in doing as a professional but it is proving really difficult to pursue as a graduate student. There aren’t any internships in the area that really focus on counseling people with medical conditions, and most of the education is at the doctoral or post-doc level. Which means if I really want to get specific, I will probably need a PhD. The jury is still out on whether or not I will actually do that.

People ask all the time when I’ll be done. The answer? I don’t know. Probably sometime in 2017, as that’s probably when I’ll finish my internship. But I will be done with classwork next summer.

I have put in a call to Dexcom to get the new G5 system. Unfortunately when I followed up I found out that they had my old New York endocrinologist on file, which is probably why I hadn’t heard anything yet. But I corrected that so hopefully I should be getting the system soon. Has anyone else received it?!
I was hoping that it would arrive by the time I run the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon (on October 4!!) but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I have been doing a lot of testing on my training runs and I think I have more or less figured out how to run long distances without dying. I’ll share some of what I’ve learned in an upcoming blog post (yes, I will try to blog more than once a month!)
And finally: GOOD LUCK to all of the Riding On Insulin athletes who are tackling freaking IRONMAN Wisconsin this Sunday! There are 70 people participating, and over half have type 1 diabetes, including one my best friends and a DOC favorite, Caroline. Crazy awesome!! I wish I could be there this weekend (kinda sad since it’s only 4 hours away in Madison), but I know everyone will rock it! Can’t wait to read all the stories!


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