3 Ways to Prevent Computer Eye Strain at the Office

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These days people are spending hours behind a computer screen and many times it is unavoidable due to work duties. Unfortunately, doing so has left a large percentage of people with computer eye strain and other visual complications. Symptoms of strained eyes such as red or dry eyes, headaches, and fatigue aren’t only annoying but they can throw off concentration and productivity. Below are some preventative tips to try in order to keep your vision healthy. 
Use The 20-20-20 Rule
Taking a short break every 20 minutes is one of the best things you can do to prevent computer eye strain aside from getting your regular eye exams. Get up to stretch, walk around your office, or doing a non-computer related task are all small ways to give your eyes a break. Try following the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes stare away from your computer for 20 seconds at something 20 feet away.
Invest In A Pair Of Computer Glasses
Computer glasses are specifically designed with a protective coating on the lens designed to lessen the harsh white lines that computer screens give off. Most of them have a magnifying effect as well so that the need to squint is reduced. A cheaper pair can be found in many department stores but if you use the computer for more than a few hours everyday it may be worthwhile to invest in a prescription pair. 
Reduce Glare
Reducing the glare on your computer screen will help you focus and help eliminate the need to squint. Too much light can irritate the eye and too little causes the eye to strain, so try and find a happy medium that suits you. You can reduce glare by adjusting the contrast and brightness of your monitor. There are also anti-glare screens available that will help reduce the glare from outside light or overly bright fluorescents.

Keep in mind that our eyes weren’t designed to stare at a screen for long periods of time. Don’t wait until the symptoms of eyestrain start showing, do what you can to keep your eyes healthy and be sure to make the necessary adjustments to prevent eyestrain from happening to you. You’ll be surprised at the difference these small changes can make.

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