Your Body, Your Thyroid And The Milk – Gluten Effects

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Thyroid, gluten and milk…oh my!

Why in the world is everyone suffering from thyroid problems! Today you are going to learn how milk (dairy) may be causing your body to have a cross reaction to Gluten antibodies, and therefore  impairing your thyroid gland.

Hence causing you to have autoimmune issues leading to Hashimotos, hypothyroid and hyperthyroid problems. So fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the ride.

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Milk-Gluten-Cross Reaction and Thyroid Problems

What is the connection? Simple but not quite simple. If you remember from my last post about Gluten and Thyroid.

I stated that Gliadin protein causes your body to make antibodies towards gluten, and since the gluten protein resembles your thyroid hormone and binds to your thyroid hormone, your thyroid hormone gets attacked by your immune system! But many people today are on a gluten free diet and still have thyroid problems. What might be going on here is a cross reaction issue with dairy (milk).

What is Cross Reactivity?

Cross reactivity is a process whereby the body consumes a protein (milk) that has similarities to the protein gluten (gliadin).

Due to this similarity (known as molecular mimicry) the body’s immune system reacts to this food as if it were Gluten. Your body thinks that milk or better yet the protein casein in milk is Gluten.(1)

The evidence is little when it comes to dairy and Thyroid problems, but we do not need much evidence as you and I, both know that commercial dairy is not a health food. And, in fact, the quality of milk is not suitable for human consumption. I can go on about many other reasons not to drink commercial milk…..

Sick Cows
Fed Soy and Wheat

 As you can see just those points above are enough to show you that milk will, and can destroy your thyroid.

So what is the take home message?
Please Don’t Drink Commercial DAIRY!

I advise you to try out an elimination or Paleo autoimmune diet, avoid these foods for 30 days, and tell me how you feel:


Then, go from there….

Remember, health is not black nor white, but many colors of the rainbow. 

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