RJ 023 – Pensionless by Emily Brandon of US News

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Emily Brandon of US News.com is one of my favorite retirement journalists. So when she agreed to come onto the RJ podcast I was delighted! In fact I have frequently included Emily’s retirement posts in my Newsletter’s Links of Interest.

Emily BrandonEmily is senior editor for retirement at US News. She has written about retirement and aging issues for over 11 years. She recently published a book called Pensionless: The 10 Step Solution for a Stress-Free Retirement. Emily points out that the number of people who receive pensions is shrinking and that most of us will have to make do without one. We have to assume more responsibility for our retirement planning.

The good news is that there are resources available that if used properly enable us to still have a financially secure retirement. In each chapter Emily provides an in-depth, easy to read explanation of how to use various resources such as Social Security, Medicare, 401ks, IRAs, tax optimization and cost management.

You can use Pensionless as a retirement planning guide and an educational resource. It can be used in conjunction with the services of a financial planner.

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