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Hi! I have Hypothyroidism and I have Diabetes so as you may imagine I’m such a challenge for everybody who has tried to trained me. This is the first time I read something really true about hypo and how affects you body and sometimes your goals. My case is kind of serious as there is no way back so I need to take pills in order to keep myself safe and everything said on this article fits so perfectly!!! To get in shape for me is such a hard work….harder than “healthy people”…for me loosing 1/2 a pound is heaven!!! nevertheless I keep on going and since diagnosed up to date I have lost 20kgs and now I do ironmans, ultramarathons and triathlons. The road I must say Is difficult indeed but there is always hope. And indeed what the article mentions about cardio and carbs is totally true. 60 days ago I shiffted from a high cardio base to a high strenght base ans reacently to a gluten free diets and results are amazin!!!!! Today I red this article and felt so supported finally as people can be sometimes very mean as they do not unsdertand that you are fighting againts all odds. Thanks for sharing this information! made my day….!

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