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Thank you all for reading and responding to my posts. It’s been very gratifying and I look forward to your comments. Due to life events I have taken some time off from writing but will be back again very soon with new posts. In the meantime, I would like to encourage you to purchase my book, Brain Health for Life, Beyond Pills, Politics and Popular Diets, available at Amazon and other major distributors for $16.95 hardback and $9.99 as an e-book. I spent 4 years doing research and writing so it includes the latest scientific information written in the same style as my blog. I have posted the Table of Contents below.


I.  Down the Primrose Path

Chapter 1    Politics and your pantry

Chapter 2   Processed food, fast foods and GMOs

Chapter 3   Pills for profit

II.  How Things Work

Chapter 4   Why your brain needs good food

Chapter 5   The gut: key to health and happiness

Chapter 6   Inflammation: the root of disease

III. Feed Your Brain  

Chapter 7     Redeeming fat

Chapter 8     The complexities of carbohydrates

Chapter 9     Proteins: building blocks

Chapter 10   Beware: sugar and artificial sweeteners

Chapter 11    Water & salt: essential for life

Chapter 12   Brain boosters: vitamins, minerals and supplements

IV. Cultivate A Lifestyle That Promotes Brain Health

Chapter 13   Exercise to build a better brain

Chapter 14   Stress reduction to sooth your brain

Chapter 15   Sleep to reboot your brain

Chapter 16   Love and connection: elixirs for life

V. Beyond Popular Diets

Chapter 17  Prevention and cure: a non-inflammatory diet

Chapter 18    Resources


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