Winter Holidays With Diabetes

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Non-Candy Stocking StuffersThe holidays can be daunting, especially for parents of children recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. You may think that you need to change some of your traditions, especially if they are food-based. The reality is that you can make most anything work.

You just got through Halloween and Thanksgiving. Maybe things went smoothly; maybe you learned a thing or two.

Here are some posts that I have written that I think will be particularly useful for newly diagnosed and veteran diabetes families alike.
Stocking Stuffers and Gift Ideas

Don’t forget to thank the school nurse or other staff who care for your child when you are purchasing holiday gifts for teachers. Read 10 Holiday Gift Ideas For School Nurses.

I always find holiday candy in our pantry months later that has gone uneaten. I’m sure at Valentine’s Day there will still be some leftover Christmas candy. Many parents (and this has nothing to do with diabetes!) are reducing the amount of candy they give their kids and substituting non-candy items. Read 20+ Non-Candy Stocking Stuffer Ideas.

Teens aren’t too old for holiday traditions and stocking stuffed with goodies. Read Non-Candy Stocking Stuffers…for teens!

Got a busted pancreas? How about a new stuffed one. Need a way to carry supplies? How about a cute bag. Here are some gift ideas for kids with diabetes. Read Holiday Gifts For Kids With Type 1 Diabetes.

turn-diabetes-trash-into-holiday-treasure-1024x536Holiday Decorating

Why not deck the halls with ornaments made from diabetes supplies such as used pods? We’ve been hanging these ornaments on our tree year after year. Read Holiday Decorating With Medical Waste.

We had so much fun creating these crafts for T1 Everyday Magic. Take a look at the tutorials for making reindeer ornaments and a wreath using diabetes supplies. Read Turn Your Diabetes Trash Into Holiday Treasures on the T1 Everyday magic website.

OmniPod OrnamentCarb Counting and Christmas Candy

Much of the food served at Christmas and other winter holiday celebrations is the same as that served at Thanksgiving. Here is a list of carbs counts. Read Carb Counting At Thanksgiving.

I was surprised to find out that Pez and mini candy canes don’t have a lot of carbs. Read Pez, Oh Yes, We Have Santa Pez and Candy Canes: Not So Many Carbs, Either.

Advent Calendars

My kids love counting down to Christmas with an Advent calendar, though these days they like it filled with Legos! The inexpensive chocolate-filled Advent calendars have surprisingly little carbs for each piece of chocolate. (Read the nutrition label if you purchase one.) Read Counting Down to Christmas and Advent Calendars: All the Countdown, Not So Many Carbs.

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