About Bilberry Extract

bilberry-american-445094_640Bilberry gained prominence as an eye health remedy during the Second World War. American pilots who bombed enemy targets could not make reconnaissance flights the following day to check if the targets were hit because glare from bomb flashes affected their eyes. British pilots, on the other hand, were unaffected by the glare. Studies showed that British pilots’ breakfasts which included plant chemicals which were friendly to the light – sensitive part of the eye, the retina. Those substances were plentiful in Bilberry and which they ate. According to www.organicfacts.com, the health benefits of bilberry include the following. “Relief from digestive problems and ulcers. Since many decades, antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of Bilberry have been prized for their effectiveness in a range of disorders including diabetes, cancer, liver and kidney damage. Multi-nutrient rich Bilberry is valuable in maintaining cardiovascular health, healthy and disease free eyes, unobstructed blood flow and better functioning of overall body.

“Bilberry is useful for the maintenance of eye health. Apart from the traditional usage, scientific usage, studies have also advocated the effectiveness of bilberry extract in preventing age related ocular disorders along with other eye diseases such as cataracts and night blindness. Powerful radical scavengers present in bilberry help enhance the vision and may be useful from the restoration and homeostasis of epithelial cells. Another research conducted on bilberry has also suggested its beneficial enzymes-stimulating activity which protects the eyes from endotoxin induced Uvertis. Bilberry extracts stimulate the production of rhodopsin pigment which  supports the eye to adapt to light changes. Another amazing effect of bilberry is its defense against kidney damage. Scientific research has shown that Bilberry extracts help in the normalizing multiple critical factors, including levels of Creatinine, serum blood urea, nitrogen and nitric oxide. This inhibitory action against attributes to the antioxidant profile of Bilberry which enhances the oxygen radical absorbance capacity in the kidney tissues and protects it from the oxidative damage.

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